For the past few years, Horses of Iceland have participated in the Equine Affaire in Springfield.

The show is held every year and presentation is done in cooperation with the good people at Northeast Icelandic, NEIHC. The showgroup Kinghts of Iceland performed there and were a huge attraction. 

The cooperation went well and the Icelandic horse raises attention every time on this show and his gaits and courage really shine through. 

The winner of HORSES OF ICLEAND raffle at EQUINE AFFAIRE in co-operation with NEICH is Ms. Cynthia Tolbert.

Ms. Cynthia Tolbert has loved horses all of her life, she has owned many breeds of horses, f.ex. American Quarter Horses, Tennessee Walker, Arabian, Peruvian Paso and Paso Fino. Two years ago she fell in love with the Icelandic Horse and imported her first Icelandic, Moli fra Eystri-Hol. She says she will never own another breed! Her Icelandic horse Moli is good natured, smart, willing, and fun!  In her late 60's she has gone to her first horse show with Moli and ride on the Merrimack Valley Icelandic drill team. She lives in New Hampshire and have really enjoyed meeting other Icelandic riders and being a part of the NEIHC.

     „I am so excited to win the airline ticket to Iceland! For many years I have wanted to visit the wild and beautiful country where these magnificent horses run free. Now I am also looking forward to seeing the farms that have taken such care in breeding the Icelandic horse. Thank you so very much for giving me this opportunity“ says Ms. Cynthia Tolbert.

Congratulations Cynthia, we are looking forward to see in Iceland!



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